Creating the Perfect Kitchen on a Budget

Although renovating a kitchen can not only enhance your home but be an investment for the future if you are thinking of selling it at some point, it could be that you have a strict budget in place for this project that you want to keep on top of.  We have put together some ideas for creating the perfect kitchen on a budget, so you don’t need to go overboard on expenditure.

Install your Own Kitchen

By installing your own kitchen, you can then avoid kitchen fitter costs.  We offer a wide range of flatpack options that together with other decorative add-ons can help you create your own bespoke design.  Explore all of the styles, finishes, and colours to see what would best suit your kitchen space.  Should you encounter any issues – you can always look at getting a professional kitchen fitter, or joiner to look at it at a later date.

Mix and Match Budget and High-Cost Items

It could be that you have a specific kind of tile in mind for your kitchen, but it’s on the expensive side.  You could create a feature or “statement” area within your kitchen making it a focal point – and then go for less costly materials elsewhere which would be more within your budget.  As well as tiles have a look at splashbacks that could also complement or contrast cheaper elements. 

Try Not to Move Around Appliances

Unless you are drastically changing the orientation of the kitchen, then try to keep the main appliances such as the sink, dishwasher, and cooker in the same place.  This means that you will be reducing any costs associated with plumbing, electrical or gas work that you might not factor in when creating a new kitchen space.  The costs for having to move gas or electricity meters tend to add up. 

Use Existing Items

There are lots of different ways to upcycle or reuse existing items to make your kitchen truly unique.  This could be a piece of furniture or some shelving that you don’t make use of elsewhere – or even a painting or canvas that could add a splash of colour.  Not only will this give a kitchen character and personality, but it could also free up some of your budget to spend on other aspects of your kitchen. 

Shop Around for Kitchen Appliances

If you are planning on upgrading your kitchen appliances – then make sure you shop around and don’t buy the first thing that you see online.  There are ex-display kitchen appliances that you can purchase that will save you money, or else you can even check out the likes of Facebook marketplace, or eBay to see if there is anything suitable.  Even though someone is now selling it on, it could just mean it isn’t in keeping with their existing requirements. 

Hopefully, our advice on creating the perfect kitchen on a budget will give you some money saving ideas for your kitchen design project.