How To Create More Kitchen Counter Space

When you are cooking in your kitchen, you want to be able to place things around you freely and chop your vegetables near to the cooker. Often, people struggle with a lack of kitchen counter space as there is too much clutter and other appliances. The good news is that there are ways to create more kitchen counter space and we are going to tell you what these are. Find out more about how to do this below.

Hide Away Appliances

Do you have a lot of appliances that you don’t use sitting out on your countertops? If you want to create more kitchen counter space, then you need to think about which appliances need to be out and which don’t. Think about the season and the appliances that you commonly use. Do you need your slow cooker in the summer? Do you have a kind of coffee machine that you prefer to use during the summer? Prioritise your appliances and hide away those that you don’t need too often.

Utilise Your Drawers

Another great way to create more kitchen counter space is to make use of your drawers. If your drawers are simply filled with unorganised cutlery and utensils, then you are not using them correctly. First, organise these utensils with a drawer organiser and then start adding other things to the drawers. Have you ever thought about having your spice rack in a drawer? This will free up a lot more counter space, as long as you organise your drawers correctly.

Add An Island

If you are really struggling to create more counter space by simply tidying things away, then you might benefit from a bit of DIY. Adding an island to your kitchen not only adds a new element and improves the design but it can create more kitchen counter space. You can use the island for counter space, storage or even a breakfast bar when you aren’t cooking. The island will create the additional space you need and make you feel much more comfortable in there!

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