Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Spring has sprung which means it’s the time of year people start to think about home improvements. If you are amid any kitchen renovation projects – you might be on the lookout for info on what kitchen trends 2019 will bring us.  Hopefully, this list below will bring your kitchen remodel ideas to life!

Quartz Countertops

There are lots of countertop materials that we have seen come and go, but what has always remained a firm favourite is Quartz.  This material is timeless which is a trend we think will continue in 2019.  The beauty of Quartz countertops is, as well as them being aesthetically pleasing; they also have a hard surface means they are virtually indestructible. 

Less Focus on White Kitchens

Although white kitchens have been famous for the minimalist look, there are now so many alternatives these days that will leave a kitchen with a more intoxicating look with some more depth.  White kitchens are much harder to clean, as let’s face it everything shows up – so we envisage more distinctive hues being brought in to create a more unique feel.

Spanish and Moroccan Tiles

People are looking for more exotic looks to their kitchen.  A great way to do is this to include sections of intricately patterned Spanish or Moroccan tiles.  Alternatively, you could go for Spanish or Moroccan inspired backsplashes.  This will leave a lasting impression and have a better visual impact than traditional tiles.

Keeping things Clutter-Free

In the modern world, there is a significant focus on mindfulness.  For a more contemporary approach that will keep a kitchen minimalistic, people will be avoiding any heavy finishes, and instead go for clean, straight lines.  Smarter storage solutions are also a consideration such as deeper drawers and kitchen island storage.  For that overall feeling of wellness, the introduction of more natural design elements and plants could be incorporated. 

Get Technical

With technological advancements racing ahead and enhancing our daily lives, this is now making its way into the kitchen.  There are lots of smart updates that can be made to a kitchen to make things more comfortable such as screen display fridges, remote light controls, and other gadgets which will make family life more manageable.

Hopefully these kitchen design trends 2019, will help you make some great design decisions and create a dream kitchen space.