Some Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Create an Organised Space

Even if there is a small space to work with, it doesn’t mean a kitchen has to be missing all the features and bells and whistles that larger areas can accommodate. You just need to be a bit smarter with your small kitchen design ideas – and you can still have a stylish, and functional space.

Find a New Home for Some Appliances

Although the kitchen is the most obvious place to put appliances such as a washing machine or tumble dryer – why not be continental and move it elsewhere?  If you have a cupboard somewhere where you could fit it, or a space under the stairs – that will leave you much more room in your kitchen and help organise your laundry days.  It will also create less cluttered areas in your kitchen.

Keep a Simple Kitchen Scheme

White makes everything look larger.  If you have white walls and add in some contemporary details – that will really open up the space and make it appear bigger than it really is.  The same goes for the kitchen that you choose.  If you make it bright or have reflective materials – this minimalist approach can help create the illusion of space. White stone, frosted glass cabinets, or white splashback tiling is a good idea for this.

Neaten the Kitchen up

If your kitchen is on the compact side, you need to make sure you make the most of the space you have and feel positive about it.  Make sure everything is easy to hand, and that you opt for more slimline designs and possible handleless designs.  This will give your kitchen a more streamlined appearance and still look chic.

Clear up the Work Surface

This may seem obvious – but a cluttered work surface makes a kitchen look smaller.  Try clever solutions such as floor to ceiling cabinets, magnetic wall strips for knives, rails, etc.  Also, be sure to store away whatever you can when it isn’t needed.  Make sure that everything has its own place to create a clutter-free kitchen.

Try Portable Storage

If you still need more storage space, but you don’t want it to ruin the look or feel of your kitchen – then consider portable storage space.  You can get kitchen trolleys on casters which will give you additional working space if you need it and is also a great place to put cookery books and pots and pans.  When you aren’t using it – it can tuck away out of sight.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel project, then hopefully these small kitchen design ideas can provide you with some inspiration for more compact spaces.