Tips on How to Make your Kitchen Look More Expensive

It could be that you are on a bit of a tight budget but want to make sure that your kitchen is still looking as classy as ever.  In our latest article we discuss how you can make your kitchen look more expensive than it is, so you can have a kitchen to be proud of.

Update your Lighting

Pendant lighting is definitely on trend in 2019.  By getting these or some chandeliers – you will create a fantastic atmosphere in your kitchen – and have it looking classy as ever.  It also gives you the opportunity to stand out and give your space more personality than before.

Do DIY Upgrades on your Appliances

If you don’t already have appliances that are stainless steel – then there are some great products out there where you can create a stainless steel finish on your own – so you don’t have to by new ones.  There are lots of different kinds of these available, so make sure you read the product to ensure it’s suitable for the specific appliance you are looking to upgrade.

Spice things up with Art

Nothing adds character and personality to a room like artwork.  It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money – but that doesn’t mean it won’t look expensive or extravagant.  If you choose something big and bold, this will also make your kitchen look bigger than it already is.  The added benefit of this, is that it’s perfect for people leasing a home who perhaps can’t make all of the changes they would like.

Get Rid of Clutter

If there is a lot of clutter in your kitchen – it can make it look a little on the cheap side.  In order to avoid this, its best to hide any smaller appliances somewhere where they can’t be seen.  Not all appliances need to be in the kitchen, if you have any extra space in cupboards some of them can go there to make room for other things.  It’s also critical you keep your counter worktops clear of the likes of coffee pots, toasters etc.

If you are looking for small but effective ways of making your kitchen look more expensive – then try out some of our top tips.